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Revolutionary Design

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Universal Fit Guarantee

Dripsie is designed to fit the vast majority of kitchen sink drains on the market.  We understand some variations may exist, effecting proper fit and function.  If you are having issues, simply contact us for a full return or refund.

Outside Diameter (width):  3.25"

Height:  1"

Honest Manufacturing

Our products are designed, sourced and manufactured in the USA.  Our small family-based team strives to provide the best customer service experience possible.  Our packaging is recyclable, and so are the strainers.  Waste material, as well as strainers that do not pass quality checks can be recycled right back into new strainer production.  

"We tried everything, you just can't clog this thing!"

- Rachel T

"After over 50 years of washing dishes, this sink strainer is simply the best. Like most folks I have developed a personal method of washing dishes and this product fit in perfectly and has improved the process. I plan to buy more for holiday gifts!"

- Pat M