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Somebody important probably once said, "life is too short for crappy sink strainers" - and right they were. That is why we made Dripsie. One look and you realize the rimless, clog-free and flexible design may just change your life forever. We still remember when it graced our sink drain for first time - it's actually why we had our third kid. Try yours today, and if it sucks - no worries, return it for all your money back (then trash talk us online).

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Dripsie is designed to fit the majority of kitchen sink drains. 

Dimensions:  3.25" diameter by 1" deep

Honest Manufacturing

Dripsie is sourced, designed and manufactured in the USA.  We use a material that is durable, flexible and recyclable during the manufacturing process.  Our packaging is also recyclable.  We take pride in supporting American economy and sustainable business practices.

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