COVID-19 : Support Small Business

Here at Dripsie, we just wanted to say a few words in favor of the USA and small business in light of COVID-19.  

First of all - we are still shipping out Dripsie Kitchen Sink Strainers.  All of us here are healthy - and we ship them from our home/headquarters in Cle Elum, WA.  We have done as much as a very small business can do in these times to help, making face shields for local hospitals, working on the front lines, and generally trying to be good neighbors.  

I found myself pondering what the world was going to look like when things start to melt back into normalcy - or our new normal.  I think we have unearthed so many qualities of America that were buried deep, waiting to sprout new roots.  




Selflessness … Selflessness.  The most powerful word that comes to mind.  Sacrificing your hobbies, freedoms, paycheck, business, social life, sanity, for the greater good of humanity.  Shifting from an egocentric mindset and thinking about those around us. Worrying less about your agenda and more about how your elderly neighbor is holding up. 

Things that we all wish we had been doing all along, but we never had the time to do.  

Many of us are also thinking about how we can keep small businesses alive in the towns which we live.  Shifting our thoughts locally. Instead of buying a burger from the local burger shop because McDonald’s has a line, you are buying from them to keep that business, and the family behind it, alive.  

We are going through drive-thru coffee shops and asking- genuinely - how they are holding up.  

These are the values America was built on.  Dreaming up an idea and having the freedom to dig down and make it happen.  Supporting your neighbors and town by shopping local - even if it’s a little slower and maybe a bit more expensive.

Over the last decades, this has been diluted by convenient and cheap megabrands, the desire for instant gratification and a disconnection from the communities in which we live.  

We have been so busy being busy that we forgot how to hold each other up.  We forgot how to run honest businesses. We focused more on tech and less on each other.

This pandemic we have all been thrust into is wicked.  If we could rewrite history I am sure most of us would write this part out.  

But it doesn’t have to break us.  We can take this moment, this feeling, and carry it.  We can continue to support local business. Support the local economy.  Help each other out even when it isn’t convenient or recognized.  

I’m not saying all this to encourage you to buy one of our products.  I know our business will grow with sustainable and honest business practices.  I’m saying this to encourage you to support small businesses like ours. Stop turning a blind eye when you buy an item manufactured overseas.  Turn your gaze inward. Buy local.

If we come together and stay together for the long haul, we will be a better country because of it.

It’s going to be hard, but nothing worth doing is easy.  

From our family to yours,